Monday nights at 6:00pm
405 S. Santa Anita Ave, Arcadia, CA, 91006

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Trending Statistics

This page shows a variety of trending statistics for the last X months. The statistics only reflect active members.

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Highest Win Percent

Based on players who have played at least 24 games at Arcadia Chess Club and have played one or more games in the selected time period.


  Win % Name  
1.    100.0% Ryan Yeung Ryan Yeung  
2.    100.0% Kelly Zhang Kelly Zhang  
3.    100.0% David A Bassett David A Bassett  
4.    100.0% Joey Perez Joey Perez  
5.    87.5% Kyle Li Kyle Li  
6.    80.0% No Photo Melvin Asuncion  
7.    76.7% Tim Deng Tim Deng  
8.    76.5% No Photo Alex Gojich  
9.    73.3% No Photo Jason Zhang  
10.    70.0% Donald R Cotten Donald R Cotten